Winning formula: Systems + procedures = safety.

Safety Management System

At REVA we put safety first. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure safe passage for our clients and a safe work environment for our employees. Drills and training are held on a monthly basis to guarantee smooth transport from loading to landing.

Three-Tiered Method

REVA uses a three-tiered method to ensure safety: regular training, a management system that follows Federal Aviation Administration and International Civil Aviation Organization guidelines, and a proactive approach to safety issues. Our risk-management philosophy promises a safe future.

Flight-Risk and Risk-Control Assessments

REVA’s Safety Management System makes sure everything adds up. It includes flight-risk and risk-control assessments that provide information to our safety analyzer. That, in turn, plots the risk on a graph and calculates trends and risk threshold.

Exceeding Expectations

REVA’s safety-management system exceeds OSHA, FAA, and International Civil Aviation Organization guidelines.

We focus on what's important

REVA’s safety agenda is clear: a basic program with simple goals and a focus on achieving goals, monitoring performance, and evaluating outcomes.

Trained to be the Best

Workplace safety focuses on the fields of aviation and medicine. Each individual is specifically trained according to his profession. In some cases, cross-training between fields is provided. In every case, each employee is held responsible for safety.

Dedicated In-House Instructors

REVA exceeds industry standards when it comes to training, has dedicated in-house instructors, and has partnered with the world leader in aviation training, Flight Safety International, for aircraft-specific and eLearning training.

Medical-Team Training

Our medical teams follow weekly, quarterly and annual training programs that encompass every aspect of patient care in all age groups. Our training is detailed, demanding and continual.

Maintenance Training

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Our maintenance training can only be called obsessive. From required initial training to specialized instruction, our employees are educated in making sure the machinery runs smoothly. Our maintenance training programs form the nuts and bolts of our operation.

Highly Trained Client Resource Managers

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Our CRMs are trained in performing pilot and medical crew call-outs, working with government agencies to ensure proper documentation has been submitted, ambulance requirements have been satisfied, and arrangements have been made.

Proactive Management

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REVA management follows a proactive strategy that includes making health and safety a top priority, provides training, conducts inspections, addresses emergencies and seeks input on workplace changes.



We have the hands that keep our equipment running smoothly. We have the eyes to anticipate what can go wrong before it goes wrong. We have the legs willing to go the extra mile in ensuring performance. We have the attitude that demands we exceed industry standards. We have the approval of government bodies and watchdog organizations. We have all that it takes operate the best air-ambulance company in the business.



REVA’s team has won numerous safety awards including:

  • I.T.I.J. Air Ambulance Company of the Year
  • Department of Defense Patriot Award
  • A.A.M.S. Fixed-Wing Award Of Excellence
  • A.C.E. Safety Award